Justice is central to the formation of our biblical vision for our community. But what does the Bible mean when it speaks of justice? What does ‘doing justice’ look like for contemporary Australian Christians? This is what we will explore during this sermon series.

Human beings are created in God’s image. They are the object of God’s love and the beneficiaries of God’s gift of the earth and its resources. Justice demands that we treat each other in a manner that reflects this worldview.

Doing justice has a practical and everyday focus. It doesn’t come into play just when we step into a court of law, nor is it simply a way of dealing with unjust social systems. Justice should be part of every relationship. It must be evident in the way we live as families, how we serve and work with colleagues, and how we live with our neighbours in ways that demonstrate respect, dignity and worth.

‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’ provides practical examples on how to do this using four vulnerable people groups within our community. These include:

• People from a refugee background
• People experiencing homelessness
• People living with mental health issues
• People exiting the prison system